Importance of R&D is an obvious fact especially in airconditioning and cooling sectors. Despite this fact , there are only very few number of companies that have serious investments in R&D in these sectors.Therefore it is easily observed how successfully YAZKAR has played its own role in terms of R&D and technological investments

With no doubt , one of the most important reasons for leadership and technological pioneership of YAZKAR in these sectors is its continious focus on R&D loyalty.With its staff composed of the most talented and dynamic engineers of Turkey , YAZKAR suceeded to fulfill important R&D projects. And as a result ,in important tender projects like TUVASAS Train airconditioners ,TCDD Train airconditioners,EGO-ANKARAY Train airconditioners, IETT Bus airconditioners , TRT Live Broadcasting Vehicle airconditioners , Defence Sector Armored Vehicle airconditioners , Heavy Duty Vehicles of Mining and Highway Sector airconditioners and in Commercial Vehicle airconditioner units, Commercial Vehicle cooling units , Frigofiric Case Isolations applications , Cold Rooms , Frigoboxes YAZKAR proved its success.

YAZKAR, with its investments in airconditioning and cooling sectors , has already started contributing to the future technology.


YAZKAR, while receiving 24th International R&D Award in Geneva / Switzerland

YAZKAR Production Lines for the airconditioning units of Trains

YAZKAR  Production Lines for airconditioners and cooling units