YAZKAR is air conditioning tramways of İBB-DURMAZLAR

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality signed an HVAC contract with DURMAZLAR that will produce 30 new vehicles on Eminönü-Alibeyköy Line for 120 pcs (60 PASSENGER + 60 DRIVER) metro vehicles’ air conditioning systems of YAZKAR A.Ş.

Delivery of air conditioners that designed for climate conditions of İSTANBUL will begin in October 2018. YAZKAR Klima Soğutma A.Ş establishing 25 years ago in İstanbul exports to dozens of countries as well as sales and service in 75 cities in our country that producing air conditioning systems for railway and commercial vehicles.With the Arifiye factory and the latest TECHNOLOGICAL TEST ROOMS, Yazkar foresees the developments in Railway Systems many years ago and continues to invest and work in the Arifiye factory with İkitelli facilities in Istanbul.

After customer of TCCD - TUVASAŞ- TULOMSAŞ - ANKARAY-EGO -İstanbul METRO A.Ş. - EUROTEM-HYUNDAI- YAZKAR will be also air conditioning 30 new vehicles that DURMAZLAR will produce in İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Eminönü-Alibeyköy Line.

19.7.2018 13:28:36