Sakarya Facrotry

Istanbul Central

Our company is the manufacturer of air conditioning systems for trains and subway vehicles and buses in public transportation. For the frigofiric transportation , we manufacture frigoboxes to avoid breaking down of cold chain and we design and establish isolation systems in the vehicles that carry food products.
For the closed wide areas for keeping the food products in cold chain, our company designs and constructs cold air warehouses.
As their supplier for long years , we have been serving airconditioners for trains and other railway vehicles to TCDD,TUVASAS,ANKARA-EGO and Municipalities of major cities in Turkey , airconditioners for public transport buses to Municipality of Istanbul for both IETT and Private Bus Companies ,airconditioners for both buses and midibuses of BMC and IVECO brands in export business , driver cabin airconditioners of Mercedes AXOR trucks in export business , airconditioners for armored vehicles of Defence sector.

As an airconditioner and cooling units manufacturer in Land , Sea and Railway sectors, YAZKAR has been a pioneer to start Diesel Cooling Unit production.

YAZKAR A.Ş., with its 5000 sqm open and closed area factory and with the achieved CE-DIN EN-ISO9001-2008 and ISO 14000 International Quality Certificates is a manufacturing company equipped with technology and is an authority in its sector. Our factory has an annual 5000 units production capacity.

With our 71 domestic and 12 international sales and service stations , we are serving the world as an international brand.

YAZKAR brand was established in 1994 with the entrepreneurial spirit of YAZICI family

YAZKAR, with its Total Quality Policy , its technical infrastructure in use , its online checked testing rooms designed in accordance with one on one route-device usage demands, is the dynamic leader brand with its broad vision in the sector.